Kaur Alasoo is a Lecturer of Bioinformatics at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu.

Our research

A major challenge in complex disease reaserch is identifying causal cellular and molecular process that contribute to the development of the disease. In our lab, we are developing novel computational methods and data analysis workflows that allow us to better quantify these molecular processes from large-scale genetic datasets. We are also applying these methods to a large collections of published datasets.

  • In the eQTL Catalogue project, we are collaborating with Helen Parkinson’s group at the Euopean Bioinformatics Insititue (EMBL-EBI) to develop the largest catalogue of human genetic variants associated with gene expression, splicing and other transcriptional phenotypes. We have re-analyised all studies included in the catalogue with uniform data analysis workflows.
  • In the CINECA project, we are developing federated data analysis workflows that would enable us to perform automated large-scale eQTL meta-analysis without sharing individual-level genotype data between cohorts.

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