Current members

Kaur Alasoo

Kaur is a Lecturer at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu. He is interested in using diverse molecular datasets and computational models to decipher the mechanisms underlying complex traits and diseases. He is also quite proficient in applying for access to genomic datasets using dbGaP, EGA, Synapse, eDAM and other similar systems. Kaur completed his PhD in 2017 with Daniel Gaffney at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, where he studied the regulation of gene expression in macrophage immune response (thesis). In 2020, he received the Young IT Scientist Award from the President of Estonia. Since 2022, he is member of the Estonian Young Academy of Sciences.

Krista Freimann

Krista is a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Computer Science. Her project is focussed on identifying cell-type-specific trans-eQTLs in large datasets comrising of diverse immune ceels.

Nurlan Kerimov

Nurlan is a PhD student at the Institute of Computer Science. He focusses on developing robust and portable RNA-seq quantificiation and eQTL analysis workflows for the eQTL Catalogue project.

Ralf Tambets

Ralf is a PhD student at the Institute of Computer Science. His current work focusses on detecting shared genetic signals across multiple traits using fine-mapping and colocalisation.


Kateryna Peikova (2020)

Kateryna was a MSc student at the Institute of Computer Science. Her thesis focuses characterizing the patterens of eQTL sharing among the tissues and cell types present in the eQTL Catalogue.

Evelin Aasna (2018-2019)

In her bacherlor’s thesis, Evelin used genetic approaches to study how factors regulating chromatin accessibility contribute to the control of RNA splicing.