Software and data analysis workflows.

Analysis workflows

We are developing and maintaining a number of modular data analysis workflows for the eQTL Catalogue project.

Click here to learn how these workflows are used to process data for the eQTL Catalogue.

R packages


wiggleplotr is a Bioconductor package for making RNA-seq read coverage plots from BigWig files. A key advantage of wiggleplotr is that introns of long transcripts can be rescaled to a fixed length, enabling better visualisation of exonic read coverage.


txrevise is a tool to convert Ensembl transcript annotations into distinct sets of transcriptional events: alternative promoters, splicing events and alternative 3′ ends. These event annotations can subsequently used to detect differences in transcript usage between biological conditions or identify transcript usage QTLs. Read more from the paper or the see the vignette for a worked out example. The pre-computed event annotations can be directly downloaded from Zenodo and our RNA-seq quantifcation pipeline (eQTL-Catalogue/rnaseq) implements txrevise as one of the optional quantification methods.